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Seeking Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection

How a 'Wage Earner' Bankruptcy Works

You May Be Able to Protect Your Home From Foreclosure

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For people who are earning a regular wage, but still struggling with debts, Chapter 13 bankruptcy presents a viable option for gaining debt relief.

At the West Palm Beach bankruptcy law firm The Associates, attorney David Lloyd Merrill and the rest of our team help individuals, families and businesses find debt relief solutions that work for them. With more than 19 years of experience representing both debtors and creditors in some of Florida's most complex bankruptcies, Mr. Merrill can help you evaluate your options and determine if Chapter 13 is right for you.

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Under a Chapter 13, your debts will be consolidated — usually with a very substantial reduction — into one monthly payment that you make for a predetermined length of time, typically three to five years. At the end of that period your remaining debts, such as credit card bills, medical bills and other dischargeable debts, will be discharged. You will also remain free from creditor harassment, repossessions and garnishments during that time and after your order discharging your debts is entered.

While a Chapter 7 bankruptcy also comes with an automatic stay against creditors that can protect against foreclosure, you would not enjoy the court's protection for as long because arrearages (meaning past due amounts) are not curable in Chapter 7. Instead, a Chapter 13 filing that lasts several years could give you the time you need to catch up on mortgage arrears and save your home.

Much like catching up on house payments, a Chapter 13 filing could give you time to catch up on other debts such as car payments (which might be reduced in some cases) or back taxes (which might be discharged in some situations).

By the time you emerge from bankruptcy protection, the bank and/or government would then have no reason to take further action against you.

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