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Creditor Representation in Florida Bankruptcies

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Creditors have extensive rights in bankruptcy filings as well. When a debtor seeks bankruptcy protection, creditors have multiple options to seek repayment of the debts they are owed.

In West Palm Beach, along the Treasure Coast and throughout Florida, The Associates represents creditors in bankruptcy proceedings in every Florida court. Attorney David Lloyd Merrill has spent more than 19 years representing both debtors and creditors in cases ranging from simple Chapter 7 liquidations to complex Chapter 11 and 12 reorganizations. He has represented some of the country's largest banks in bankruptcy proceedings such as:

  • Seeking relief from the automatic stay that prevents foreclosure, repossession and garnishments

  • Objecting to the discharge of certain debts in a bankruptcy filing

  • Objecting to a debtor's discharge in full

  • Defending preference claims by trustees

  • Filing proofs of claim for the repayment of debts


As an experienced bankruptcy court trial attorney who also represents debtors, Mr. Merrill is familiar with arguments made on both sides of these cases and what is necessary for a successful outcome. That is why major, national institutional lenders as well as smaller concerns have put their trust in The Associates to successfully protect their interests when financial implications are at stake.

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