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The singer Bo Diddley once said, "Don't let your mouth write no checks that your tail can't cash." We know now, however, that life often gets in the way of funny sayings like this. For times when your debt struggles seem insurmountable, bankruptcy can provide a crucial lifeline.

When you come to The Associates, you will always work directly with an experienced attorney like our founder, David Lloyd Merrill. Our West Palm Beach based law firm is one of the few bankruptcy firms in all of Florida that offers a full slate of services to consumers, all types of businesses and creditors.

We can help you evaluate your options, think about the benefits of filing for bankruptcy and refute persistent myths that cause unnecessary stress. Our law firm serves:

  • Consumers: For individuals and families dealing with debt struggles, we can help you determine if Chapter 7, 11 or 13 would work best for you. Depending on your assets, income and whether you want to keep your home, there is an option best suited for you to try and get a fresh start.

  • Businesses: Mr. Merrill is one of the few lawyers in Palm Beach County and  the Treasure Coast area — indeed throughout Florida — who handles both Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 filings. He has represented businesses of virtually all kinds, including contractors, mining operations, health care providers, restaurants, farmers and fishermen, and many others, helping them reorganize debts and protect their companies.

  • Creditors: Mr. Merrill has also represented several large institutional lenders in bankruptcy proceedings, protecting the rights of creditors in some of the largest bankruptcy filings in Florida.

It is rare for a bankruptcy attorney to do trial work. However, Mr. Merrill has extensive experience representing debtors, creditors and some of the country's largest banks in adversary proceedings. These bankruptcy disputes require not just an in-depth knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code, but the ability to gather the right evidence and present a compelling case in court.
We offer free consultations to all clients to determine their best options for seeking debt relief. If you would like to meet with us, please call our West Palm Beach law firm today at 561-877-1111.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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