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Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings Representation

Handling a Wide Range of Disputes Among Trustees, Creditors and Debtors

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With a great deal of money at stake for debtors and creditors, there are times when a bankruptcy filing does not proceed smoothly. When adversary proceedings occur, having the right legal representation can make the difference in effectively protecting your rights.

At The Associates of West Palm Beach, we understand that adversary proceedings are a big deal — they are a full-blown trial in the bankruptcy courts — and debtors, creditors and banks throughout Florida can work directly with us, confident that we know how to build a strong case and will do so for a value on the fees and costs paid that is unsurpassed. Our lawyer has more than 19 years of experience representing parties in virtually all aspects of bankruptcy adversary proceedings.

Throughout founding attorney David Lloyd Merrill's legal career, he has handled a broad range of adversary proceedings, representing all parties in claims such as:

  • Trustees accusing a debtor of bankruptcy fraud, such as underreporting assets or running up debt before declaring bankruptcy

  • Creditors contesting the dischargeability of a debt they are owed

  • Preference actions to recover payments received or paid

  • Debt collection litigation that takes place in bankruptcy court

  • Protecting debtors from creditors and trustees in a wide variety of cases

  • Working with subcontractors, sub-subcontractors and suppliers to protect funds they have been paid by a failed contractor

  • Protecting a debtor's discharge


While an adversary proceeding could hinder your bankruptcy goals, working with the right attorney could also make the terms of your bankruptcy more favorable. That is the key difference between working with just a bankruptcy attorney and an experienced bankruptcy litigator like you will find at The Associates. We have handled cases involving complex Chapter 7, 11, 12 and 13 proceedings and have the skills, experience and resources to take your case to trial when necessary.

Do not trade on experience when your rights and financial interests are at stake. Schedule a free consultation by calling our West Palm Beach office at 561-877-1111. We serve clients across the Treasure Coast and throughout Florida.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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