While, when possible, it's always best when parents are able to come together to discuss and make decisions related to custody and their children out of court. We are all too familiar with the fact that there are times when parents are unable to find common ground and it is necessary to take a case to court. This is often especially true in cases where there is a history of substance abuse or domestic violence. If you are involved in a custody dispute, we will fight to protect and promote your children's best interests.

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Disputed Child Custody Cases

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Helping Families Resolve Child Custody Issues

When it comes to issues related to family law and divorce, few are as emotionally charged as those involving child custody and visitation. At The Associates, we know that decisions related to custody and parenting time can be difficult to sort out, and we are committed to helping you and your family find the best possible solutions.

We strive to help parents work out custody arrangements that are mutually-beneficial and that meet the unique needs their children and family. By employing collaborative practice tactics, we represent your best interests and those of your children in discussions and negotiations related to where your children will live and who will make major decisions about their health care and education.

This approach allows you as a parent to have more of a say in and control over how issues related to physical and legal custody and visitation are decided. Co-parents who are able to successfully resolve child custody issues out of court save time and money and also lay the foundation for a more positive and effective co-parenting relationship going forward.

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